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Our Ethernet network delivers synchronous high speed Internet to you, outperforming cable and DSL. Find out how much faster your Internet will be.

Sign up with Webpass and we'll get you going quickly. Connecting to the web is simpler than you think. No modem required. Watch how it works.

Monthly plan

$ 60 / Month

Monthly payment
  • Speeds from 100 Mbps - 1 GIG based on building
  • No modem required
  • FREE professional installation
  • Cancel service at the end of your billing cycle without penalty.

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No additional fees. No long-term contracts. No gimmicks. Schedule an installation in less than a minute.

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Interested in bringing Webpass at a discounted rate? Our Built-In product can bring Internet to all units in your building. What is Built-In?

Blazing Fast Speed

Our acclaimed high speed Internet service is faster than the average speeds for Cable & DSL.

1 Gig
50 Mbps
25 Mbps

Internet For All

Our Built-In product offers the same Internet service that you expect from Webpass and much more. All units receive Internet service at a discounted rate on one unified bill.

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With our team of preferred contractors and lenders, we ensure rewiring your building will be a smooth and inexpensive experience for the property manager, HOA board, and building engineers.

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